How To Beat The Polygraph

Ever since qualifying as a Forensic Psychophysiologist, many people have enquired how to beat a polygraph test. I always inform them to either tell the truth or don’t take the polygraph test.

Every competent polygraph examiner is aware of the hints that are hosted on the net on how to beat the polygraph.  Anyone following any advice on how to beat the polygraph would certainly be doing so to his or her own detriment. An experienced polygraph examiner can easily distinguish between a truthful person and a fraud. Even an inexperienced polygraph examiner with the latest software and equipment, for example the sensor cushion and motion detection camera, can identify a person attempting to beat a polygraph test. Truthful people never try any stunts in order to try and beat a polygraph test.

It has to be borne in mind that the polygraph works by tracing changes in the individuals physiological conditioning, which will occur automatically due to fear of being caught out when lying to any question put to them by the polygraph examiner.
One is not to lose sight of the fact that any person being subjected to a polygraph is doing so voluntarily, and signs a written consent form before undertaking a polygraph.

Therefore there are only two real hints on how to beat the polygraph, either tell the truth or don't take the polygraph.

'In God we trust the rest we polygraph, the truth will always set you free.'
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