Polygraph Services for Law Firms, Businesses, Government Departments and Private Individuals.
Specific Issue Polygraph Examination
These tests are conducted after a specific incident has taken place, eg: Murder, fraud, theft, arson, assault, etc...
These tests are usually directed at the person’s direct involvement or guilty knowledge about the incident.
Periodic / Maintenance Polygraph
These tests are conducted every few months to verify whether or not the employees have been involved in any activities with-in the company that would not be acceptable and may be harmful to the organization.
Pre-Employment Polygraph
These tests are conducted as screening process to eliminate those candidates who have been involved with unidentified crimes and who would not be completely suitable for the available position.
Sexual Offence Polygraph Examination
These tests are conducted on husbands and wives who want to know if their spouse is been intimately involved with another person. These tests are however usually conducted to verify whether or not a person has been raped or to test a suspected rapist, child molester or any other type of sexual case.
Other Non-Polygraph Services
These are non-polygraph services.
Polygraph Questions Answered
Three Step Process
How To Beat The Polygraph