Three Step Polygraph Process

Our goal with each test is ultimate accuracy. A professional polygraph test consist of a pre-test interview (+-3/4 hour), the in-test phase (+- 1/2 hour) and the post-test interview (+- 1/4 hour) therefore a time allocation of 1 1/2 hours per test.
Pre Test Stage
The purpose of the pre-test is to conduct a highly structured interview that establishes the foundation of the entire examination.
In Test Stage
An Acquaintance test will be conducted on the subjects before the main tests. Then a further three tests will be conducted on each of the subjects for the purpose of collecting data for scoring. The latest Lafayette digital polygraph system in conjunction with the one of the American Polygraph Association approved Question Technique will be utilised by the examiner when testing the subjects.
Post Test Interview
After the test the examiner analyses the polygraph tests (the recorded reactions) by means of a numerical quantification system. The subject will be informed of the examination results once a decision has been made and afforded the opportunity to respond on the results.

Our tests are subject to a process of quality control. This is a unique part of our service and is done to ensure the highest degree of reliability of our test results.
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